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What is a Professional account?

A Professional Account is a premium service offered by our platform for professionals in the real estate sector or individuals who wish to obtain better performance with their ads and rent their properties in less time.

Any user registered in DropHousing may have a Professional Account by contracting any of the Professional Plans available on our platform.

Which exclusive services does a Professional Account include?

  • You can publish up to 10, 20 or an unlimited number of ads simultaneously, depending on the contracted plan.
  • You will have your own professional page (microsite) within our platform.
  • Your ads will appear with a Professional tag in the ads listing.
  • Your ads will include your company logo.
  • You can see the statistics and real-time ranking of all your published ads.
  • You will receive up to 5 or 10 gift credits (depending on the contracted plan) with which you can highlight or push your ads to the top positions.

Plans for Professionals

Professional Plans are packages, which, by prior payment, unlock exclusive services for a certain period of time (the period and services vary depending on the contracted package).

The hiring or acquisition of a Professional Plan is done through a single payment, which varies depending on the plan, without subscriptions or permanence, allowing the user to have a Professional Account only when they want and during the period they deem appropriate.

Once the time of the contracted plan has expired, the user will have a Basic Account again, ceasing to have the privileges of a Professional Account and keeping all their ads but with the limitation of having only 2 advertisements published / active simultaneously.

Available Professional Plans


    10 ads for 30 days + 5 gift credits



    20 ads for 60 days + 10 gift credits



    Ads and duration adapted to the client's needs

    To be consulted

For more detailed information, you can access our Professional Plans page.

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