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Why is my ad not published?

Once you have created an ad and logged in, you can edit your ad from the My Ads section, where you will se the card of the ads you have published. If you have questions about how to publish an ad, you can find more information in the FAQ How can I publish an ad in DropHousing?.

As a general rule, if you have filled in and saved all the mandatory fields of an ad correctly, it should be shown in the list of the ads of the corresponding city, if not, it can be due to any of the following reasons:

The ad is pending to finish

It is possible that you have not finished the process of publishing your ad and missing fields to fill out. To check if your ad is ready, go to the My Ads section and make sure that the Published label appears in the upper left corner of your ad card, if the Pending label appears, click edit and fill in the missing fields.

The ad is deactivated

Our platform allows you to activate / deactivate your ads whenever you want, in this way you will not need to delete an ad if you do not want it to appear visible to other users, simply deactivate it until you need it again. If this is the case, your ad card will show the Deactivated label. To change the status, simply click on the Activate / Disable button that appears at the bottom of your ad card.

You no longer have a Professional Account

If you had a Professional Account but your contracted plan has ended before you decide to renew it, your ads will have been automatically deactivated, allowing you to have only 2 ads active simultaneously, but don't worry, your ads will remain saved and you can reactivate them when you decide to hire again A Professional Plan.

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