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Credits to upload and highlight your ad

Increase the visibility of your ads. Everything will be advantages!

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What are credits?

Credits are the virtual currency used by our platform to highlight or raise user ads to the top positions.

Thanks to this system, users have the possibility to increase the visits of their ads in a simple and fast way, boosting up to five times the probability of renting their properties.

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Publish your ads

The credits will help you to 'upload', and 'highlight' your ads, therefore, first of all, you need to have ads published on our platform.

Click on the 'Publish ad' button that appears in the navigation at the top of the page, choose the type of ad you want to publish and fill out the form that appears below.

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Get credits

You can get as much credits as you want buying them from this page, or from the 'Credits' section of your user panel. The more you buy, the greater the discount will be.

You can also get free credits by sharing your ad, we explain how to do it here.

Ah! Do not forget that all our registered users receive 2 gift credits, which will allow you to 'upload' and / or 'highlight' your ad at least once.

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Integral management of your ads

As long as you have credits available, you can consume them by uploading or highlighting your ads from the 'My ads' section of your user panel.
You can create scheduled uploads by setting the time interval you want between each upload, so you will not have to be aware of uploading your ad at the desired moments.
You can also specify how many days you want to keep your ad highlighted/featured (default 1 credit = 1 day).

What you can do with your credits ...

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Push up your ads to the top positions

You can make specific ad pushes when you want by simply clicking a button. It is practical and you will only consume one credit for each push.

Or, you can schedule automatic uploads by selecting a time interval between each upload. This process is perfect for users who want to guarantee the top positions at all times and rent quickly.

Highlight your ads to get attention

Give more presence to your ads in the search results and get the attention of users who are looking for what you offer.

Your ad will appear with a striking color, clearly differing from the rest of the ads.

You can select the time (in days) that you want your ad to appear featured, consuming 1 credit per day.

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Innovation and vanguard

We are the first platform specialized in the rental of rooms that uses a credit system to upload and/or highlight an ad. Buy the credits you want and decide how and when to boost your chances of success.
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The more credits, the greater discount

Cantidad de créditos
De 0 a 5
0 %
1,00 €
De 6 a 10
10 %
0,90 €
De 11 a 15
20 %
0,80 €
De 16 a 20
30 %
0,70 €
De 21 a 25
40 %
0,60 €
A partir de 25
50 %
0,50 €

Calculate what your credits will cost

* Minimum: 2 credits. Maximum: 999 credits

1 Credit = 1,00€
Total: 2,00€
Buy 2 credits

Can I get free credits?

Yes. In addition to that all users registered on our platform receive 2 gift credits, it is also possible to obtain credits by sharing your ads on social networks or other web pages.
To get free credits, you must go to 'My ads' in your user panel and click on the 'share' icon that appears in the bottom right corner of your ad. Then copy the shown link and share it on other websites or social networks. As your ad receives visits from that link, the display counter will increase. Once you reach 10 visits, you will get a free credit.

How much time do I have to consume my credits?

There is no time limit to consume your credits. All credits earned on our platform, whether purchased or given away, will remain indefinitely as long as it have not been previously used to upload or highlight your ad.

How can I see and control my credits?

You can control the balance of your credits by accessing the 'My credits' or 'My ads' section of your user panel, where you will see a box indicating the available credits.