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Microads board

The best way to find a solution to the daily needs that may arise when renting a flat or a room.

What is the Microads board?

In DropHousing we are aware of the potential of collaboration between people, where often, talent and skills are the most precious value.

Therefore, we encourage you to discover the advantages offered by our Microannouncements section, a place where you can search or publish ads based on the Win-Win collaborative strategy between owners and tenants, in which both parts can leave benefited.

What can I find in the Microads board?

Short and updated ads related to the room or house rentals, which are renewed every 30 days.

Whether to obtain a reasonable discount on the rental price in exchange for private lessons, or simply offer any service that can help other people in exchange for a fee, this is the ideal place to advertise.

Here are some examples:

I need ...

  • I need someone to accompany an older person in exchange for free accommodation.

  • I would like to exchange my current room for another one closer to my new workplace.

  • I need someone to help me with the move to my new flat. Remunerated job.

  • I need a person to help my children with school chores in exchange for a rent reduction.

I offer ...

  • I give private lessons in English in exchange for accommodation.

  • I offer to take care of children or elderly people in exchange for a room.

  • Maintenance and repair work is done at home. Price to be agreed depending on the job.

  • I offer self defense classes in exchange for cleaning on my floor. One hour of class for one hour of work.

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